Is Ninja Back on Twitch?

  Do you know the famous blue-haired game streamer “Ninja Blevins” has returned back to twitch on Wednesday morning of August 05 with Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo. Blevins left Twitch last year when he signed an exclusive deal with Microsoft to stream his gaming session on Mixer. According to a report, he was paid up to […]

Ninja Streaming

People adhere to music in the form of streaming with some sort of thrill and action. Who doesn’t know the world’s top listed streamer, having admirable streaming skills, adorable IQ level, and an eye-catching handsome personality? Who he can be? Yeah, you got me right. I am talking about “Taylor Ninja Blevins” who have millions […]

Ninja’s 2020 Net Worth Is Unbelievable

Gamers are defined by their ability to adapt and rise up again. The gaming world is an online environment where you can turn your dreams into reality. There are hundreds of thousands of games where you can do anything from building sky-high castles to hunting your enemies. Among these games is the multiplayer genre. To […]

5 Best Ninja Merchandise

Doesn’t it sound like you have heard or seen Ninja clothing many times? Well, you may hear it from a game Fortnite. Ninja is a well-known internet personality known for his Fortnite streaming. Not only that, but he is also considered a master of H1Z1, Halo and Battlegrounds. He plays full of concentration, passion, and […]

Red bull limited “Ninja” edition

The key to Ninja Red Bull’s success is hard work, luck, and consistency that is difficult to maintain. Success doesn’t happen after a one day struggle rather it takes decades to transform mediocrity into excellence. It drains you of your energy and rewards you with greatness. Red Bull is a Thai based energy drink. It […]

Ninja Gaming Room & Video Streaming In 2020

Every small beginning has new and bigger ideas that turn small setups into large organizations like Microsoft, Ninja stream room and Amazon. Most of the small setups are forced by their passion to take the start of their career from a kitchen or basement in a very humble way. Tyler Ninja pursued a small ninja […]

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