Ninja Gaming Room & Video Streaming In 2020

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Every small beginning has new and bigger ideas that turn small setups into large organizations like Microsoft, Ninja stream room and Amazon. Most of the small setups are forced by their passion to take the start of their career from a kitchen or basement in a very humble way. Tyler Ninja pursued a small ninja gaming setup that means he is going to support his bigger dream of ninja stream room.

Tyler Ninja Blevins is a full-time twitch streamer who entertains his millions of subscribers on various channels and makes 500k income per month. Ninja spends about 12 hours playing videos on twitch from ninja stream room and earned $500,000 income per month through subscribers’ donations and fees. We at Ninja Merch Store also have Ninja Shirts.

Ninja gaming setup

Tyler Ninja built his ninja stream room in the basement and soon he needed a large space when his production to serve growing audience enhanced. In short, the basement studio is featured with multiple designs, ideas, and creativity that support various types of content. Later on, he designed a ninja stream room by overlooking at various streaming setups, or game streaming setups. A detailed description of a ninja gaming setup is described below:

Here is a complete Video of Ninja Gaming Room:

Webcam and cameras

Cameras used by ninja are unique hence desired by everyone. Many are worried that the their camera results are not as aesthetic as that of the ninja. No worries, you are at the right place. Let us walk you through the details.

What camera does ninja use is a very common question asked on various forums. Let’s know about ninja cameras:

Logitech Ultra HD

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It is fitted for HD professional video quality. How it makes Ninjas room good? It makes good because of the high dynamic range, premium, and high-resolution lenses and sensor that can capture the moment very clearly. Game streaming setup maintains the image quality even when lights get dimmer. The entire room is under the supervision of four different Blackmagic URSA mini pro video game streaming equipment cameras from where every single action can be seen.

Ninja’s new setup has 4 Blackmagic USRA cameras in red bull ninja studio. These are powerful digital cameras that can record much longer and much louder voices. Shure and electrvoice broadcasting microphones capture or record the audio.

Control panel

There is a control panel at the Ninjas gaming room to switch from one camera to another. It contains 8 videos and 4 audio inputs and control panel is utilized for television purposes.


Source: Red Bull

The ninja gaming setup is fully outfitted with controllable and color changing LEDs. A wall of the gamer room setup is covered with eight different LEDs for new Ninja playback videos. On his streaming desk setup, he has a button to power on disco gaming setup lights.

Analyst Desk

Another portion of the ninja stream setup is covered with analyst streaming desk setup to host friends or audience. A small portion at the side of the ninja’s room contains a desk with the Ninja logo that represents the Tyler Ninja Blevins and a large LED where different streaming for the audience is displayed. Viewers are attracted by the good look and handsome personality so Ninja comes in different costumes at his analyst streaming desk during the streaming time.

What microphone does ninja use?

No one wants to hear a bad voice, especially over the online streaming setups. Ninja makes use of Electro-voice RE20 fitted in the red bull room. Microphone arms are important in gaming and Ninja makes use of Rode’s PSA1. This arm will stabilize your microphone and help you to focus on your game completely. With the help of it, one can easily change his mic or position due to the 360-degree revolution.

Sound Amplifier

Sound amplifiers in gaming streaming setups are used to amplify the background noise so that ninja can hear much more detail with a creative blaster in ninja studio.

Computer Setup

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Game streaming setups usually contain more than one computer system so that power drain from one doesn’t affect others. so, there are two computer setups in Ninjas studio.



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